Thursday, 25 August 2011

Vintage packaging design

Creative Review's recent article on Sainsbury's packaging of the 60's and 70's is fascinating. I knew very little about Sainsbury's brand's history and am guilty of discounting its creative potential both now and in the past. 

It's interesting to compare their design outcomes midst the strict and somewhat bland branding used by supermarkets these days. The "predominance" of the illustrations and the fact that the "typeface choice was left to the designer" are indications of how much these large corporations have altered their approach. 

I can't think of any UK supermarket that produce enticing designs (perhaps bar Waitrose with some of their designs). 

It's now largely left to independent to think outside the corporate box. If I was to play devils advocate I might argue that Sainsburys own-brand packaging of 2011 communicates simplicity using a contemporary vernacular; design has progressed and it wouldn't work to reproduce modernist designs. We all can recall the white and orange Sainsbury's basics range and for that reason it achieves it's function of communicating value. But I think it would go along way for Supermarkets to try something a little more stimulating for the consumer.

As branding gets tighter and tighter I hope that the independent brands won't go the same way. Look what's at stake...

Designs produced by a recent packaging redesign from the French Supermarket Monoprix 
Innocent Smoothie - Won a D&AD Pencil for these designs in 2010

Fun packaging from Jamie Oliver

These designs from RAW Health  are as"alive and active" as the nutrients in their bars 

There is a blog post relating to the magazine article, check it out

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  1. read the same article on cr, and also responded to it in a blog post! gave the same e.g. with waitrose too ;) i just love their packaging. had fun looking through the other great packaging you showcased, the jamie oliver one is one of my perennial favs too. nice blog!