Saturday, 29 October 2011

If I Were An Agent....

I've spent a lot of time, of late, fabricating my own make believe 'super' design agency, with an emphasis on collaboration at its core. I've fantasied about the hypothetical work that could be made from the varied portfolio's of talented people like the ones below. 'If I Were An Agent' is my mythical agency. It's comprised of my favorite illustrators, designers, photographers and typographers.

Below is a snap shot of the creative talent I'd house under my roof.

So imagine what you could do with....

...Will Vincent's wit

...the emotion captured by Ellie FP's drawings, prints and collages 

....the multi-talent photographer and art director Jakob Nylund

...Mosik Nadav on typography

and Edwardo Recife,  Stephane TartelinNigel Peak and Daniel Egneus as in house illustrators.

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  1. WOW!! These snap shots and graphical works are really super cool. Great work dude! I appreciate your work.