Friday, 5 July 2013

Drawing tips & tricks.

In the final weeks of the course our fab teacher Claudia encouraged us to draw with our left ('wrong') hand, draw without looking at the paper and draw without taking the pencil off the paper. The outcomes may look like a old right mess to you, but their wobbliness, mistakes and simplicity give them so much energy. I love em!

Working in this way inhibits you from drawing what you think you see and rather creates a direct connection between looking and the mark you make on the paper. I will keep my these tricks up my sleeve for when drawings get stagnant or appear too challenging. 

 2 min pose not taking the pencil off the paper

Quick poses, using my left (wrong)hand

Two longer poses done entirely with my left (wrong) hand

Applying my learnings in longer poses with the 'right' hand 

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