Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Princes School Drawing course

I was recently lucky enough to be given some time off work to do one of the amazing drawing courses at The Princes Drawing School.  I’m only two weeks in and I’m feeling incredibly inspired by the high standard of teaching and professional (very still) models. 'Traditional' life drawings they may be but it’s teaching me so much about looking, how to register what I’m seeing and how to translate and communicate that on the page... I want everyday to be a drawing day!

Here’s a snippet of the fruits of my, thoroughly enjoyable, labour.

A quick 2 minute pose to get the brain and pencil in gear.

Drawing with lines only.

Really trying to capture the sturdiness and strength of the
model here. 

Exploring how to build the form with abstract elements. So not looking at the leg, hand or shoulder in isolation.(It was reeeeally hard!)

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