Thursday, 10 March 2011

Typography Inspiration

During my time at LCC I had the pleasure of meeting Dave Dabnar in his letterpress studio. Once you get past the dodgy scene-setting intro, this film captures Dave's typographic passion and wisdom. I remember thinking that his somewhat ridgid views regarding digital typography, were so valuable. It's so easy to meaninglessly move type and image around a page on a computer. Type setting on the other hand, makes you slow design down much like writing on a typewriter disables you to reshuffle words to make sentences sound good. 

I then remembered a friend telling me about Will Self's conversion to typewriting as a way of thinking more about what your creating. Speaking about the difference in approach he says:

"I think the computer user does their thinking on the screen, and the non-computer user is compelled, because he or she has to retype a whole text, to do a lot more thinking in the head," Will Self on Typewriting. Full Article here

I really try to retain the sort of creative approach upheld by Dave and Will in my own work and think that every designer can benefit from swapping mouse for pen, keyboard for metal. Even just for a day!

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